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📝COMPOSE - for film / TV / ads, motion graphics, exhibitions / installations
🎙RECORD - strings, backing vocals, synths
🎻PERFORM - classical / pop / pit orchestra/ensembles, pop bands, weddings
☎️ASSEMBLE - string ensembles, pop/rock/funk/jazz bands
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Rachel Wong Yen Yi (b. 1997, credited as Rachel W.yen) is a Malaysian violinist, composer and arranger currently based in Singapore. She makes music with the hope to connect with and have a positive impact on people around the world.Since 2019, she has performed in concert halls and on international TV, scored three short films, produced a theme song for a podcast, and had her orchestrations played by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. In 2023, she scored her first feature film credit as an additional composer and featured musician. Rachel also releases music under the pseudonym - Yen Océane, her first single “Homesick” can be found on all streaming platforms, and a debut EP is in the works.



28 Feb 2021 - I got to work on music and sound design for thenational.api, an anthology of short stories about 3 queer Malaysians living in Singapore.

_29 Oct 2020 - _ I haven't been home since New Year's Eve and every day it seems less likely that I will be home for Christmas due to all the COVID-19 travel restrictions and lockdowns in place around the world. This song is everything I'm feeling in this moment in history: my longing for home and my family, my insecurities about how adult life is going, but most of all, the love and gratitude I have for the people who have made me feel less alone, as well as my hope for the future. Listen now on YouTube below, also available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

I was selected to participate in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's first ever orchestration workshop, this is my arrangement of Ravel's Le Gibet.

A continuation of a pursuit to find release through music and poetry.



Exit Music (from a Film)
A collection of music inspired by my favourite film composers.
instrumentation: varied
Degas Tableaux
A suite inspired by the artwork of Edgar Degas.
instrumentation: string quartet and wind quintet
Kelas Berkuasa
A composition based on the theme “Bicentennial Singapore”.
instrumentation: 2 violins, sheng, double bass, vibraphone, marimba

Nebula Codex
An original composition inspired by the film Cloud Atlas, the official synopsis of which is “an exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present, and future”.
instrumentation: string quintet, flute, clarinet, two French horns, piano, harp, and drumset.


(dir. Lina-Mariya Stoyanova, 2020)
The Girls’ Bathroom
(dir. Sofia Hadley Johnson, 2020)
Space Boy Fan Dub Ep. 2 ending cue
(dir. Erin Clare, 2021)
(dir. Chloe Kennedy, 2021)
Shark (dir. Aqil Hamzah, 2022)Geylang (dir. Boi Kwong, 2023)

collabs w/ poet felix cheong

Let the Morning In
A collaboration with Singaporean poet Felix Cheong for Straits Times’ 30 Days of Art with National Arts Council #SGCultureAnywhere campaign.

Poetry Collaboration 2020 - “Obituary”, “Broken by the Rain”
Oddballs, Screwballs & Other Eccentrics


For more, check out this playlist.



"走马 (Trotting Horse)", Wang Chen Wei x Siong Leng Musical Association
“Bent”, Krysta Joy (Enjoy the Process - EP)

“Mrs. Puss”, Maleva Ristananda


2021 - The Living Composers Series: Liminality
23rd December 2020 - Oddballs, Screwballs & Other Eccentrics (Esplanade: Come Together) @ Esplanade Concourse

2020 - The Living Composers Series: Preamble4th April 2019 - Asia’s Got Talent S3 grand final, filmed at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre


available for purchase

jazz arrangements

All Of Me
instrumentation: big band
Here Comes That Rainy Day
instrumentation: four horns + rhythm section

violin solo transcriptions

from Avatar: The Last Airbender // The Legend of Korra, originally composed by Jeremy ZuckermanLegend of Korra medley
Jinora’s Light
Mako’s Sacrifice
Service and Sacrifice
Leaves from the Vine
The Legend of Korra (last musical cue)


Secret Demon Cup
OneRepublic / Imagine Dragons / Pitch Perfect mashup
instrumentation: violin 1, violin 2, violin 3, hand percussion (cups)
Frozen Hearts
piano quintet medley of songs from Frozen
instrumentation: violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, piano
You Raise Me Up
addition of string parts to existing choral & piano arrangement
instrumentation: solo violin, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, rearranged piano
A Song of Ice and Fire
duet medley of songs from Game of Thrones
instrumentation: violin, piano